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Tart with Dates & Pistachios

​Blended to highlight our Greek yogurt’s natural flavor and texture, sliced dates and pistachios provide a sophisticated pairing.


Chocolate with Coconut Brittle & Sliced Almonds

A fusion of classic flavors take on a new look with a treat that's intricate in flavor and doesn't weigh you down.

strab fro.png

Tahitian Vanilla with Strawberry Jam and Chocolate

Refined vanilla bean, silky strawberry jam, and a classic chocolate touch make this your go-to dessert!

maple froyo.png

Maple with Maple Pecans

Inspired by our love for the Alpine mountains of Vermont, our amber golden maple blend is a perfect treat for every season.

coffe fro.png

Coffee with Hazelnut Butter & Chocolate

Our sweeter rendition of after dinner coffee, we know you'll love the hazelnut butter finish to our rich Colombian blend. Perfect to kickstart your tastebuds during dessert or an afternoon treat!

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